Reinforcing Effort

Teachers should always show their students the relationship between effort and achievement; meaning not only how they relate to one another, but also how they are different. Research shows that although not all students realize the importance of effort, they can learn to change their beliefs to emphasize effort.


  • As a teacher, you can research stories about people who succeeded in life by not giving up and share the most inspirational stories that you find with your students to show them that perseverance does pay off

  • An activity you can have your students do to show them how their effort pays off is to have them keep a log of their weekly efforts and achievements. At a later date, you will have them reflect on their log and even mathematically analyze the data. This activity can be helpful in allowing students to notice that they are accomplishing goals that they set out to do.

Providing Recognition

Students at every level look to their teacher to provide necessary recognition when they do anything good or bad in the classroom. The type of recognition given to a student by their teacher affects their individual attitude or belief on a subject or behavior. It is important for teachers to provide the individual recognition when it is deserved because it makes the students feel good about the work they are doing in class, which can in turn provide the extra boost the student may need to continue to pay attention in your class.



  • You must find ways to personalize the recognition you give to your students because it means more when you point out what a student does well alone rather than always directing the class as a whole. An example of this is that you can make special awards to students for their accomplishments. If you decide to do this, you can save money by looking through any existing computer programs you have, because many programs have templates to create your own awards.

  • "Pause, Prompt, Praise." If you have a student that is struggling, you should pause to discuss any problems the student may be having. You will then prompt with specific suggestions to help the student improve in the area they are having difficulty in. If the student's performance improves as a result of this, you should then praise them to recognize the student to make them feel good that they improved and to show them that you have noticed their accomplishment.

Technology Resources:

Use Bingo Maker to write vocabulary words, ideas, and/or concepts that you would like your students to know and understand. As your students cross off a word, ask them to write a one sentence summary or illustrate the wordon the back of their bingo card.

Look at these sites to give students recognition for writing.
Teen Ink
Kids are Authors
Words, Words, Words

Use these sites to create notes, awards, and certificates to provide recognition:
A Drop for your Bucket
Make Awards for Kids!
Award Certificate Maker