Although many students may think of homework as a punishment, it provides them with the opportunity to extend their learning outside your classroom. The amount of homework that is assigned to students should always vary by grade level and the involvement of parents should be almost nonexistent. You should always explain the purpose of the homework to both the student and their parent/guardian. It is also important to remember that you should always try to give some sort of feedback on the homework that you have your students complete.


  • You should first establish a homework policy for your students. You may want to include advice such as, keeping a consistant schedule, setting, and time limit when completing homework; incase the student or their parents/guardians do not think to do so.

  • You should always tell students if homework is for practice or to prepare them for an upcoming unit. If you do not tell them, they may get confused when they are unsure of something on their homework.

  • You can maximize the effectiveness of feedback by varying the way it is delivered; if you always use the same type of feedback, it may become boring to your students and they will begin to ignore your suggestions.


When you have your students practice what they are learning in class, it helps them to retain more of what they learn in your class. Research shows that students should adapt skills while they are learning them, practice allows them to do so. Speed and accuracy are key indicators of the effectiveness of practice.


You should assign timed quizzes to allow students to practice their speed and accuracy. You can have them record how long it takes them and how accurate they were each time, so that after they complete it a few times they can see the difference practice is making. By focusing practice on the difficult concepts and setting aside special times to allow students to practice, it will give students a better chance of learning those concepts.

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